​​Interested in learning how to sail, but not sure if you are ready for a full commitment?
This unique on-the-water opportunity is designed to provide a memorable experience that will motivate newcomers to continue sailing.
Participants will learn with an instructor in a keelboat or centerboard boat provided by volunteers at Shore Acres. Additionally, all First Sail Experience participants will have access to Basic Keelboat Online, a US Sailing online training course designed to prepare beginners for their first time on the water.
A two-hour lesson offered to anyone at an only $50.00 per course.

What is the First Sail Experience?

2018 Classes will be posted shortly

*Classes Start at Top Deck

*Registration Fee required prior to start of class

*Most people don't call it class, it's too much fun

Come to Cruise... Come to Race... Come to Experience... 

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